The CIE was co-founded in 2010 by Dara Culhane, Cristina Moretti, and Adrienne Burk. Today, we are led by a team that includes Co-Curators Alexandrine Bourdreault-Fournier, Dara Culhane, Denielle Elliott, Magdalena Kazubowski-Houston, Cristina Moretti, Simone Rapisarda, and Sarah Louise Turner. For 2019–2022 Dara Culhane and Simone Rapisarda are also serving as CIE Co-Directors.

Dr. Boudreault-Fournier is a professor of anthropology at the University of Victoria. She specializes in visual anthropology, sound, relational aesthetics, digital technologies, cultural policy, and Cuban and Latin American studies, and her research explores an “ethnography of image and sound production” through experiments with audio-visual media.
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Storytelling, performance, and ethnography intrigue me, and questions about political processes of co-creation, witnessing and acting challenge me every day.  I work at bringing imaginative and sensory ethnography, memory work, writing, and live performance into provocative conversations inside and outside the university where I teach.  Currently I am working on two creative research projects.  One, a manuscript entitled “Encore! Travels With The Ghost of Margaret Sheehy”; and, two, a solo performance, “Hear Me Looking At You”.  I am currently a candidate for certification as a Fitzmaurice Voicework teacher.
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Denielle is currently working on two projects: 1) A social history of patrilineages of epidemiological knowledge emerging from the University of Manitoba in the 1970s and 1980s and 2) an ethnography of traumatic brain injuries and cerebral suffering (funded by the Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research and SSHRC). She is the author of Reimagining Science and Statecraft in Postcolonial Kenya: Stories from an African Scientist (Routledge, 2018) and co-editor (with Dara Culhane) of A Different Kind of Ethnography (UTP, 2017). Other publications can be found here.
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Magdalena Kazubowski-Houston is Associate Professor of Theatre at York University, whose research focuses on performance and experimental ethnography. She has developed performance ethnography projects with Roma minorities in Poland, Nazi-Holocaust survivors in Poland and Canada, and low-income residents in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. She has also worked as a professional theatre director, performer, and playwright both nationally and internationally. Her book, Staging Strife (2010), is co-winner of the 2011 International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry Outstanding Qualitative Book Award and the Canadian Association for Theatre Research Ann Saddlemyer Book Prize.
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Cristina Moretti works at the crossroads between urban and visual anthropology. She is interested in the politics of public space, and in the relationships between vision, aesthetic practices, and city spaces. Most of her research takes place in Milan, Italy, where she examines how acts of seeing, concealing, and being seen are a central way for people to participate in public spaces, and in the negotiations which accompany their everyday use.

She is the author of Milanese Encounters: Public Space and Vision in Contemporary Urban Italy (University of Toronto Press, 2015).

Simone Rapisarda is a filmmaker and Assistant Professor of Film at Simon Fraser University. In his films he employs collaborative process-driven research and production methodologies to explore novel intercultural translation of peoples, places, and relationships. Such methodologies are in part themselves the subject of the films, infusing them with layers of critical reflexivity. All of his work engages the themes of futurity, resilience, and self-determination among people living in conditions of political and environmental instability. He has developed his filmmaking practice in diverse settings: the Caribbean, Europe, and most recently, Canada.

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Sarah Louise Turner is a voice, acting, and presentation-skills coach who has been with the Teaching & Learning Centre at Simon Fraser University since 2005. Over the past 15 years she has taught at a variety of institutions, including the Vancouver Film School, the William Davis Centre for Actors’ Study, the Tooba Physical Theatre, Indiana University, and SFU’s School for the Contemporary Arts. Sarah has a busy private practice as a guest speaker, workshop leader, and facilitator. Her clients include the Royal Bank of Canada, Blast Radius, the Vancouver Foundation, the University of British Columbia, and the Vancouver Opera. With an MFA from Indiana University, she brings her skills as an extremely accomplished performer to all aspects of her work. Her experience as an actor includes performances in Canada and the United States that have earned her numerous accolades including a Jessie Richardson Award nomination and roles with Bard on the Beach, Stanley Theatre, Touchstone Theatre, and many more. Sarah is also an Instructional Skills Workshop facilitator at SFU and currently serves as president on the board of Pangaea World Arts Theatre.

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Our 84 current members include scholars, knowledge keepers, artists, artist/scholars, activists, practitioners, fugitives and renegades within and without universities and located around the world.  Our hope is that CIE will continue to bring together kindred spirits to meet, share work, engage in experiments, step out of boxes, and seek new forms of political engagement.

Tell us about your work. Share your commentaries, insights, questions, interventions, and suggestions. Send us notices about events and publications for posting on our Facebook page.  Peruse our six nodes, propose new CIE activities. The lingua franca of CIE is English, however among Co-Curators and Co-Directors we include speakers and readers of French, German, Italian, Polish and Spanish, and we welcome communication in these languages. We hope CIE’s multilingual capacities will grow in future.

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