The Centre for Imaginative Ethnography is a transnational independent research collective whose five co-curators and forty-four current members include scholars, artists, artist/scholars, activists, and practitioners located around the world. The CIE offers a space for communication and collaboration, debate and practice, creativity and action generated by experimental and emergent ethnographic methodologies that integrate and fuse creative arts, digital media, and sensory ethnography, and where new ethnographic writing is encouraged in teaching, theory, and practice.

Notice: We are undergoing some changes in 2017. We are revamping our website to a smaller and more manageable version. You will soon see some changes happening here. We will bring the blog page to the forefront of our virtual activities and we would like to encourage  contributions in the form of stories, reviews, reports, etc. All of our blog entries will be shared on social media. We will create an archive folder in which previous contributions (pedagogy, galleria, imaginings) will be kept and will remain accessible to visitors.

We take imaginative and experimental ethnography as points of departure – an invitation to live differently, to animate spaces, classrooms, and stages, to listen carefully to the lives of others, to use humor and imagination to write, picture, and perform the world alive. 

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