Susanne holds a PhD in Social and Cultural Anthropology from the University of Munich which is based on a sensory ethnography of a German Medical Museum as a viscerally experienced workplace. Her project “Decorative Ecologies” explored practices of designing and caring for underwater species (especially seahorses) through the lens of sensory ethnography and video installation. She works in  a number of transdisciplinary, curatorial and artistic projects exploring workplace atmospheres, gender, and organisational aesthetics as well as history of science, design, care and multispecies life.

In current work “How to Not be A Stuffed Animal” she creates, together with dancer and choreographer Laurie Young, a range of choreographic, immersive audiowalks in Museums of Natural History (Freiburg, Munich, Sydney, Cape Town) around the craft and affects of taxidermy and possibilities of multispecies convivality.