MGugganig-1Mascha Gugganig is currently a postdoctoral fellow in the Munich Centre for Technology in Society at the Technical University Munich. Her dissertation (in the Department of Anthropology at UBC, Vancouver) looks at different forms of education around land use at a Hawaiian charter school, the food sovereignty movement, and the agricultural biotechnology industry on the island of Kauaʻi. As former fellow of the Harvard Program of Science, Technology & Society (STS) studies, this interdisciplinary field forms another major influence in her work. Her research interests include global food systems, agroecology, urban studies, epistemologies, and research methods (visual and arts).

Throughout her studies, she has worked with visuals both as point of inquiry into academia and as method of research dissemination. In the former case, she most recently interrogated the infrastructural setting of academia in the Wenner-Gren visual essay Making Dust Come to Matter: The Scaffolding of Academia. In a methodological sense, she has used visuals as format to communicate her dissertation topic in the traveling exhibit Hawaiʻi beyond the Wave, Hawaiʻi beyond the Postcard. Having formerly co-curated the Liu Institute’s Lobby Gallery at UBC, she is interested in working with others at the intersection of art and research in creating imperative public dialogues beyond written, academic work.