markoMarko Živković, Ph.D is an associate professor in the Anthropology Department, and affiliated with the Art & Design Department at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. Marko grew up in Belgrade where he studied clinical psychology, and received his doctorate in anthropology at The University of Chicago. He has written on Balkan political rhetorics (Serbian Dreambook: National Imaginary in the Time of Milošević, Indiana University Press, 2011), on Serbian places of power, Yugoslav car culture, performance art, and popular neuroscience. He is interested in the intersections of art and science, in cross-cultural study of dreams, in anthropology of time and space, and film as an ethnographic resource. Marko’s collaborations with visual and theatre artists lead him to explore the convergence between ethnographic and artistic perception. He is an avid photographer and sound recordist as well as a long-time practitioner of Aikido.

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