I am a SSHRC-MSFSS scholar, literary anthropologist, graphic novelist, internationally published poet, and an anthropology PhD student at the University of Victoria. This summer I will be finishing my own book of love poetry, NUOVA. Also, my graphic novel series, SAMÆL, is geared for submission to IMAGE COMICS. Often, I perform poetry at local venues. Currently, I am researching psychosis narratives for my PhD, wherein I will conduct ethnographic fieldwork and publish an original, innovative, multimedia volume of comics-poetry on the matter to accentuate and accompany my dissertation. UVic’s Dr. Alexandrine Boudreault-Fournier, a CIE co-curator, is my supervisor. I am interested in imaginative ethnography and how comics-poetry, inter-arts narratives can be incorporated in anthropological writing-essentially how depth and expression can break and remold plateaus of communication.

Email: lkernan@uvic.ca

Website: www.luke-kernan.com