Lisa Francesca Rail is a recently graduated student of Social and Cultural Anthropology from LMU Munich University, currently pursuing an experimentally ethnographic writing project:

The writing project is a blog full of stories: Stories on ethnographic encounters in Kyrgyzstan; stories ‘made up’ from several field trips, idiosyncratic experiences and the blend of theories gained during a degree in anthropology. It playfully attempts to bridge academic and everyday vocabulary, and cross-cuts genres of narration and knowledge production. It is a platform where storytelling is imaginatively allowed to become ethnography and ethnography turns into storytelling.

As it is institutionally integrated into the research project ‘Remoteness & Connectivity: Highland Asia in the World’ (, the posts revolve around various fibres of (international) connection and many storied layers of politics, infrastructural planning, agriculture, labour organization and knowledges that make up the stories’ tissues.