Lisa FederLisa Feder, Ph.D is a lecturer of anthropology at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where she teaches students the study of culture through an artistic lens. Lisa’s ongoing fieldwork explores Manding music and culture in translocal communities between West Africa and New York. Becoming an apprentice to a musical master, Lisa  learned to tune in to the more subtle aspects of culture,  Her research explores timing, flow and wisdom embedded within Manding music that point to a greater Manding sensibility. In general, Lisa is interested in exploring different cultures through their arts, and the lessons that are gleaned from each culture that are transferable cross-culturally. She has used ethnographic film for both research and representation, and on occasion, has been contracted to work on documentaries within her field of expertise. Professionally, Lisa has been a college-level study abroad advisor throughout Latin America, and has worked with NGOs on sustainable development in the Brazilian Amazon with the Kayapo tribe, and in small villages in Guinea and Sierra Leone.

University of Alberta School for Ethnographic Sensibility