Lina Pinto is a PhD student in Science & Technology Studies (STS) at York University. Drawing on her background in biology (BSc), biotechnology (MSc), science communication (Graduate Diploma), and STS (MA), she is interested in medical and biomedical practices in contexts of war. Focusing on a vector-borne disease called leishmaniasis, her PhD research ethnographically interrogates the relationship between biomedicine, public health, violence and the aspirational logics of peace in Colombia.

Within STS, she has found in anthropology and ethnographic research a suitable intellectual space to explore questions about the social deployment of technoscience. She does so often in dialogue with long-term interests she has had in creative writing, visuals and dance, as forms of expression that can better communicate her embodied experiences in the field and the multiple registers and interconectedness of ethnograhic materials. Also, as a means to bridge knowledge and knowledge-making practices between communities and scientists, leading to participatory, intercultural and interdisciplinary initiatives that blur the boundaries of science and put it at the service of populations that have been marginalized and excluded.