Emanuelaedit2.5Emanuela Guano earned her PhD from the University of Texas at Austin in 1999. Her research interests range from the study of ideology and the built environment to the analysis of spatial practice and discourse, and from the critique of citizenship and the public sphere to the exploration of how gendered subjectivities are crafted in the public realm. In her ethnographies of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Emanuela Guano explored how the city functions as a locus, a medium, and a tool of hegemony and social and political struggle negotiate citizenship and the state through their everyday life. Her Italian research has tackled issues ranging from the gendering of urban space and the everyday practices that surround issues of taxation and citizenship to the contested political imaginaries that may manifest through great events. In this vein, Dr. Guano recently completed an ethnographic project on how urban revitalization in Genoa, Italy, has prodded the local middle classes to creatively generate venues of self-employment in the attempt to stem their own decline.

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Email: eguano@gsu.edu