elysee photoI am an interdisciplinary scholar with degrees in Visual Anthropology and Social Anthropology (politics of suffering and its recognition). I am particularly interested in the gap between experience and its representations. In this vein, I have produced ethnographic short film, and multi-media exhibits. I am also co-founder (with Alberto Guevara) and ongoing Managing Editor of the journal InTensions (www.yorku.ca/intent), dedicated to bringing the works of artists and scholars working on corporealities of violence, the theatricality of power, and sensory regimes into contact online, in dedicated thematic issues. My current work focuses on the politics of feeling in transnational humanitarian assistance and in Canadian social support and healthcare practices. Of particular relevance to the CIE, I am at present a co-investigator and co-author with scholars Christina Sinding and Catherine Graham (both McMaster based) on a multi-year project exploring the critical potential of storytelling performance to disrupting dominant narratives imposed on or expected of marginalized populations in Hamilton.

Email: nouvete@mcmaster.ca