I research at the intersection of food and performance and am currently finishing my dissertation at York University in the Department of Theatre and Performance Studies. I work with performance artists and community groups on food issues and food art. I am a member of the City Food project at NYU where I am trying to lead an expansion of methodological approaches to food studies. I have a post doctoral project with NYU that will place me with a community-engaged arts group that makes food-based performances in a city housing development in Toronto.

In the past, I have created immersive food performances, as well as community-engaged performance pedagogies for food groups. I have also explored photo-ethnography and am now interested in reflexive cooking as a way of learning and disseminating knowledge. I want to develop a stronger grounding in ethnographic theory (although I have studied some), and have a community to engage with new ideas and projects. I am trained as an actor, chef, and photographer and have significant professional experience in these fields.

My hope is to develop imaginative, community-engaged projects that intersect with foodways and food sovereignty issues. I also want to develop an experimental methodologies course for food studies students.

Email: twhittall@gmail.com