Images of Istanbul

Thomas Fuller and Anna Harris

Fried fish sandwich

fish burgers

Olive oil melting: salt, pepper, paprika’ed fish, fresh from the Bosphorous that morning. Sizzle! On the plate. Fish bones extracted with swift precision. Tap tap, tap tap, fish tongs on the hot plate. Roughly cut the bread, crumbs fly. Lights flicker on in the car park. Brush bun with oil; add tomato, onion, mint, crunchy lettuce and lemon juice. Top with sizzling fish and munch while sitting on a milk crate or at dining table with friends.

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sahlep 2


Thick and sweet from the clattering urn, steaming in Styrofoam, drunk in the snow. The Sahlep seller’s cry through the cold streets – an improvised recipe in a cosy Dutch kitchen. Whisk whisk cornflour and glug glug milk and water, while the sugar dissolves silently. Boil and thicken and whisk whisk. Pour into glasses and rest in a cold humming fridge. Make syrup of quiet sugar and water, crinkly bay leaf and vanilla pod. Pour on custard with shaved coconut and crushed pistachios.

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