By Ebony Flowers, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Flowers Comic ExcerptI explore pedagogical concerns over the image and image making practices in post-secondary spaces. Using a mixed qualitative design that blends comics making with multimodal analysis, I analyze how people from opposite ends of the formal schooling spectrum might reason about the image differently. These distinctions might impact how people make meaning about the image through image making.

Specifically, I examine a graduate level course where students from various academic disciplines and program stages worked with pre-K students as co-researchers. The course was part of a larger project that designed and facilitated several opportunities for experimentation with the arts for the next generation of researchers, scientists, and educators. According to the course description, graduate and pre-K students explored shared questioning through storytelling, playing, and drawing. Most graduate students had little to no formal training in the visual arts.

This is an excerpt from a comic that I am currently drafting together. It is about how notions of time, drawing, and a person’s affective and bodily responses to the act of drawing blend with one another.

I made the comic primarily by hand using a pencil, 3-inch round brush, sumi ink, and watercolor on watercolor paper. I used Adobe Photoshop and Indesign to arrange a layout and add additional text.

Drawing in Time (an excerpt) (PDF)