Stand by Me in Kwak'wala

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Elisha Taylor-Child translated the song "Stand by Me" into Kwak'wala for her linguistics project. Listen below.

Tracing A

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An interesting multi-media project that bridges radio, art, history and politics. This could make for an interesting model for student projects...

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Audio Sensorium: The Noise Project

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The Noise Project - curated by Labspace Studio - examines the concept of noise from a citizens perspective. Participants in the project included a medley of artists, students [...]

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Urban soundscapes

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These two sites are examples of soundscapes: interactive maps of cities representing and exploring different acustic environments.London Sound Survey: Sound New Orleans:

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Interview with Wole Soyinka

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Interview with Wole Soyinka, Nigerian author/activist on CBC Writers and Company

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