November 24, 2014

2:30 pm – 4.30pm Founders Assembly Hall, York University, Toronto, Canada

Andil Gosine and Melissa Laveaux share their collaborative practice and exploration of creolité in this prose and music performance and talk hosted by the Centre for Feminist Research. Haitian-Canadian, Paris-based singer-songwriter Laveaux will perform music from her debut and sophomore albums that draw on queer and feminist themes, as well as from her work with Gosine considers intimate legacies of historical experiences of traumatic migration of Caribbean peoples–and which references Tina Turner’s “Private Dancer.” 

Andil Gosine is Associate Professor of Sociology at York University, and an artist.  His latest video work “BATHWATER A Sur Rodney (Sur) Story” recently premiered at the New York Mix Festival, and his forthcoming publications include “Rescue and Real Love: Same Sex Desire in International Development,” published as a 10-year reflection on his work in the area, by the Institute of Development Studies (Sussex).

Melissa Laveaux is an acclaimed Haitian-Canadian singer-songwriter who lives in Paris, France, where she is signed to the label No Format. Her first two albums, Camphor and Copper and Dying Is A Wild Night combine folk, indie pop and her signature percussive finger-style blues guitar for a style that is both sophisticated and sweet.  Her most recent hits include “Triggers,” “Generous Bones” and “Postman.”  She is currently at work on her third album for No Format.

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