from their website  http://jumpcurrent.com:

The Mandate Of The Jump Current Performance Society Is To:
– Create and produce works of theatre and media-based performance.
– Develop artists and communities through teaching and learning In workshops, internships, and other interactive experiences.
– Research, develop, and champion uses of design and technology that deepen live human-to-human connection, and counteract alienation.

Our Vision:
We believe theatre happens wherever people share a physical space with an intention to witness and imagine. We draw on the full range of narrative forms — (auto)biography, collective history, journalistic account, myth, fable, pop culture, documentary, and dream — because we recognize that humans are hard-wired to interpret our lives through stories. We see story as essential to our survival, and to our ability to thrive.

Drawing on 21st century design innovations, our vision is to craft auditory, visual, and tactile experiences, through technological and/or organic means, so that our audience’s senses entice them into the stories we tell. In addition to actor-driven, script-based work, our theatre includes elements of interactive media, game/party, and ritual. We invite people to adventure into worlds where the everyday blurs into the extraordinary, where physiology encounters circuitry, where flesh meets code.

We explore ways that technology can increase human connection, and help counteract people’s sense of alienation from one another. Technological expertise facilitates and distinguishes our work. The irreplaceable intimacy of humans gathering together is the beating heart of what we do.