Faster than Night is a live theatre, real-time 3D animation and audience interactive piece that was featured at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto Ontario on May 3 2014. Missed out? You can still jump to hyperspace with Caleb and Artificially Intelligent ISMEE. Click on this post to read about the plot, discover it’s fascinating methodology and observe the at-one-time live twitter feed.

Courtesy of the Harbourfront Centre Website

Social media billionaire Caleb Smith is on a mission. Racing against a terrible terminal illness, he is embarking on a deep space voyage with the secret goal of cheating time and death. While half his wealth drives the search for a cure on Earth, Caleb plans to take advantage of the time dilation of faster-than-light travel, returning after only a small time has passed for the ticking bomb of his disease, to enjoy his new cure, a long life and immortal fame.

With his small crew already in cryosleep for the jump to hyperspace, Caleb double-checks the ship’s powerful artificial intelligence, ISMEE. She is his masterpiece, the newly synthesized sum of all online human emotion and cognition. Think of her as the lovechild of Wikipedia and Facebook; this AI is buggy, unpredictable and gloriously meta-human. Through her Twitter handle @ISMEEtheAI, viewers can interact with Caleb as he prepares for humanity’s first hyperspace jump… and when a life-support circuit malfunctions, help him make an impossible decision.

Method by Praxis Theatre