In the words of Sheila Pree Bright Plastic Bodies “contrasts trends of Eurocentric beauty culture by using the fragmented bodies of ethnic women merged with dolls. The work contrasts idolatry with the way that society sees beauty. The series examines propagandized standards of perfection in female body and beauty politics portrayed in mainstream media.

More importantly, it examines the global assimilation of cultures, ethnicities, and loss of personal identity many women of colour experience as a result.”

Plastic Bodies is a travelling exhibition that has made its way across the USA, notably appearing at The University of Southern California’s Fisher Museum of Art in 2011 in the collaborative series Posing Beauty in African American Culture. The next exhibition will be featured at The Evansville Museum in Indiana from January 19, 2014 to March 16, 2014.

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Bright is a fine art photographer based in Atlanta who is more infamously known for her exhibitionSuburbia which – as described by Bright – “explores the African American suburbs. The work depicts the invisibility of the black middle class and hopefully, a more realistic picture of the average African American of the 21st century. The series takes an aim at how mainstream imagery plays its part in influencing and defining society’s concept of ‘blackness.’ The series also explores the dynamics of daily living to challenge American Ideologies about lifestyle, culture and identity.”


To find out more about Bright, check out her blog or watch and read about her works here. In the meantime, stay tuned for her upcoming project 1960 Who.