The Noise Project – curated by Labspace Studio – examines the concept of noise from a citizens perspective. Participants in the project included a medley of artists, students and community thinkers who wished to engage in “critical dialogue, experiential learning, and collaborative approaches to research, art making and self-discovery.” 

Multidisciplinary Art Exhibition

From July 26th to July 27th 2013 The Noise Project featured their findings at the 99 Gallery in Toronto. Audio, visual and participatory pieces were just a handful of creations made possible through a series of challenges and outdoor adventures. Challenges and adventures were pre-planned or spontaneously initiated by a text message.

mouths ttc insidenoises


1) The Pulse: if your city had a defining pulse, what would it sound like?

2) The Little Things: what kind of day to day sounds do you take for granted? For example, breathing.

3) The Empty: explore an empty place, manufactured or natural.

4) The Soundtrack: pick a song on your mp3 player and play it on repeat for the entire day. 

5) The Senses: what colour is the sound of springtime?

6) The Eavesdropper: what kind of conversations can you overhear? Are they human?

7) The Cues: noises that occur everyday that trigger a response. For example, an alarm clock.

8) The Portrait: what do you sound like?

9) The Free For All: create what you want. One rule, it has to be inspired by the sounds of your city.

10) The End: let go of your inhibitions and make some noise in a public space.


1) Sonic Sound Walk

2) Sound, Architecture and Acoustic Space

3) Highways versus Rivers

4) Exploring the Queen West Triangle