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Welcome to the Centre for Imaginative Ethnography (CIE)

…a transnational, independent research and creation network
whose work spans Canada, China, Cuba, Haiti, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, and Poland, and is home to 84 members located around the world.

…a space for hospitality that welcomes you to join conversations about new ethnographic writing, and multisensory, multimedia, and multimodal storytelling in practice, in theory, and in learning and teaching.

…a point of departure that invites you to live and work differently, to reimagine the pasts, presents and futures of the worlds we inhabit.

A conversation on Sensate Memories

Join us to discuss the relationship between the senses and memories.

We invite panel participants and the audience to consider: How can we think of the relationship between time, the sensorial, the imaginary, and memory? How can sensory emplacement be a form of memory? Or part of processes of forgetting? How does the imaginary participate in forgetting and in remembering? How are stories told and life stories remembered? What theoretical and methodological tools do we have to approach the study of memories and the forgotten? What are the present and future directions for sensorial ethnography? How can anthropology account for the sensorial, ephemeral and the affective? How can imagination, speculation, fiction and humor participate in ethnographic documentation? What epistemic and political alternatives do we open in doing so?

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