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Welcome to the Centre for Imaginative Ethnography (CIE)

…a transnational, independent research and creation network
whose work spans Canada, China, Cuba, Haiti, Ireland, Italy, Kenya, and Poland, and is home to 84 members located around the world.


…a space for hospitality that welcomes you to join conversations about new ethnographic writing, and multisensory, multimedia, and multimodal storytelling in practice, in theory, and in learning and teaching.


…a point of departure that invites you to live and work differently, to reimagine the pasts, presents and futures of the worlds we inhabit.


We co-founders and co-curators at the CIE are honoured to have received the American Anthropology Association, General Anthropology Division’s 2019 New Directions Group Award  that “recognizes work that presents anthropological perspectives to publics beyond the academy across diverse forms of media, with methodological rigor and ethical engagement.”

We would like to thank all our members, friends, supporters, and social media network whose contributions are recognized by this award.

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